I Am.

This is epic, to talk about my identity, about I. It is the only thing that I can be loyal to forever, because it revolves around me, and I? Being a human, naturally, I am rightfully anthropocentric.

To do away with the sarcasm however, I am within myself a valid existence simply and solely for myself. For even if perchance my existence may be put to question, I realize the possibility of illusion holds naught today. I am, not for others but myself alone.

Not human, not humane, not patriarchal, not persistently feminist, not keen on adulthood (to allow distinction from childhood) ; I won’t demand with evident arrogance to be loved, my purposiveness chooses not a permit to happiness, instead satisfaction to live with passion and intensity.

So here, I AM; and that’s where I believe fit to end my statement. I won’t exceed beyond.
Not blind; I prefer simply to close my eyes.

-Sarah Hussain


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