The Dot and the Dots

We human beings consider ourselves the centre of this universe. A species, physically so powerful and mentally so advanced that it’s reaching beyond it’s boundaries to explore this cosmos and defining new boundaries. After having changed this piece of rock, planet Earth, to a bustling world of scientific wonders, we are now searching for other planets that inhabit life like ours. All of this is very pleasing to the human mind, which always likes to hear praise, and shows the wondrous achievements of the human race. But amidst all this, we very conveniently forget the significance we actually hold in this spacio-temporal cross-section called universe.

Planet Earth, as seen from the outer space by the Voyager, appears as nothing but a tiny, pale blue dot suspended in the sunlight, no different from the dust particles we see scattered in the sunlight coming from the filter of trees. It is nothing more than a tiny pale blue dot, suspended like a piece of glass in this kaleidoscope called universe. And we are the even microscopic dots, in millions, on this pale blue dot. Then, why do we consider ourselves as the most important beings of the cosmos? What is it that makes us think that we are the point to which the entire universe converges? What would we call this thinking of ours? Ignorance? Irrationality? Or simple stupidity?

This point of view can create a ripple of depression in us, making us realize our extreme insignificance. But it can also be seen as something which makes us realize that this planet of ours is actually billions of tiny dots, which hold it together. And no matter how small we may be, we always have the capability to create a wave of change. It also makes us understand the strength of unity. And also that we are not the only important beings breathing here, but there are billions of similar microscopic dots, and that all we need is to live harmoniously. Instead of running after material pleasures, we should cherish what we have on this planet of ours, and celebrate our existence. We should cherish, nurture and preserve our planet, and all the other dots. We are not the centre of this universe. Exploring new horizons is always good, but we should not get so carried away that we stop cherishing our planet. After all, this tiny, pale blue dot is all we have got!

-Khushi Vijayvergiya


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