A Pale Blue Dot

A pale blue dot. That is how the Earth stands in comparison to the whole Universe. A tiny fraction of the pale blue dot. That is how we “the most advanced species on the planet” stand in comparison to the Universe. Is this realisation a humbling experience? Or should it be acknowledged with the same degree of indifference and callousness that has become such an integral part of our everyday lives? Should we be awed by our insignificance or should it be dismissed without a second thought?

A pale blue dot. It is amazing how the term is understood differently by different people. Some say it teaches us to be humble. To not take ourselves too seriously. It is a reminder of, some say, the need to respect the complexities of the Universe. Another set of argument is that when we are so small, so insignificant and our actions do not really matter, why should we so concerned about the Universe? Others believe that no matter how small, how tiny the Earth is, it is important to remember that each drop makes an ocean. That each miniscule particle of the Universe in its own way is responsible for the stability of the Universe.

A pale blue dot. So what the Earth is a pale blue dot. As long as we are on the planet, it in a way is our world, our Universe. This is all there is. This is where all are actions should be implemented. Where all the rewards are reaped. Yes, we should respect the complexities of the Universe, but in our awe we must not forget that inaction has and never will do anyone any good. The Universe is immense but it is the little things in the world that we can ever have any control over.

-Shruti Slaria


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