There’s a moment in my memory. As I was staring at the window of the plane, there was a crimson red singular line, 3000 miles high, from sea level. I could see the clouds under the plane, which were the same as on the day I had stood up to imagine sitting on it. It’s ridiculous how it has already been a decade since I started falling in love with clouds, the cauliflower-like, cotton-like portions in the sky which I got fascinated by with the realization that they were an entity I can’t hold in my hand or contain as they are.

As the plane moved forward, the horizon lined with a strict division between two different realms gave me a synchronicity in my self. It made me realize the infinity of possibilities beyond the shin, the light that I have been looking forward to my whole life. It was a feeling that made me froze in that timeline. It didn’t matter where I was travelling to, what I was worried about two months ago- (how I’ll be alone all by myself in the city), suddenly it was synchronized, everything made sense and did not at the same time. I felt gravity pulling me to where I was and yet I felt myself defying it. I felt myself moving towards something in that flying container as I also felt the longing to stay in that moment.

I later realized that that was the light itself that I have been longing for my whole life. It made me realize that those moments of epiphany happen at the most random times. Philosophy bifurcated and all that mattered to me was just letting that moment flow. And as the many magical moments I have had in the past, I returned to Earth.

Was it all in my head or was it the harmony of nature playing it’s games, toying with my imagination, yet revealing the truth?

– Cindy Z. Tlau


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