My Shadow, My Brahman

I can see my shadow.

I can do things that are wrong,

things that are right.

It follows me everywhere,

it is nothing but a dark something.

My black shadow feels euphoric when I do,

it is depressed and stooped when I am sad,

it is with me everytime.

With shadow comes life,

any living thing possesses this uncoloured something.

It symbolises consciousness,

Consciousness that is heavy but light,

dark but white (peace).

Drifting not with the wind but with me,

however light.

This shadow is silent,

as if the day it was born,

it attained Nirvana.

Rejoicing with the agent,

frightened with the agent,

this is our Shadow,

Shadow of ours,

our Guidance.

A perfect example,

I never knew,

was and is always with me,

My Shadow, My Brahman.

Nidhi Dubey


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