Live, Laugh and Love

My dog teaches me to live life joyfully. He teaches me to enjoy the little things in life. He can be called the Carvaka or the Epicurean of the family. He challenges the norms of the society by doing what he wants to do! Many a time I wish to be like him. Sleep all day, eat heartily and love deeply. If only humans were like that. Just like the Carvakas, I believe that we get one life and we should live it to the fullest. Also we must remember to live life the way we want to, without trampling on others’ right to live.

In the current day we follow various philosophies. We believe what goes around, comes around. We also believe that what’s meant to be is meant to be, and we also believe that we must live our lives to the fullest. The current age term to living life to the fullest is “YOLO”, meaning- You Only Live Once. Um, but do we? I’d like to believe that in one lifetime you live everyday and die once. So you technically don’t live just once, do you? You live every day till the time you die.

I will bring my dog back here. He teaches me that everybody’s way of enjoying life is different. Living your life in the best way possible doesn’t necessarily mean travelling all around the world or trying adventure sports. It is about contentment and most importantly… being happy. That’s what matters. For instance, smelly socks make my dog ecstatic, or when I secretly give him some food while he hides under the table. He gets really excited when someone asks him to fetch something, and he does it with joy. For him, his whole life is about sleeping and snoring at the loudest decibel possible, eating his food, playing around with us and loving us with all his heart. Compared to our lives, this is nothing. We have so many wants and needs. As humans we lose track of the small things in life, and that’s the most necessary on an everyday basis.

Unlike the conservative and orthodox schools of philosophy that believe we don’t need desires and we shouldn’t have emotions of raag, dvesa (love and anger), I believe it’s required. One should love strongly and deeply. People should be allowed to express themselves, even if they are angry. It makes living in this world, in this current period easier and better. Be yourself and be true to yourself.

Sreoshi Mukherjee

bozo rohil


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