I am


I am me. I am the result of my experiences. I am made up of my perceptions. I have facets. I have sides. I have a perspective like no one else in the world. I feel. I emote. I think. And hence, I exist. I am a body. I am a mind. I have a form, or maybe I am just a reflection of some other formal being. Who am I? Am I the person who I was when I was born? What makes me, me? Do I change? Does the constant cycle of change shape me? If it’s so, am I the same person who I was born as? Or have I become someone different, someone new? Am I the person I think I am or is my identity defined by others? Do my actions define me? If so, then what determines my actions? Is there a cause that is responsible for my actions? Or am I a free being? what defines my free will then? all these questions keep revolving in my mind like a furious tornado. Struggling, building with every passing day in which I strive to find at least a few answers. This tornado reflects in my actions, echoes in my words and shadows my thoughts. The only light I see is at the end, and the ways to reach it are manifold. Every path has it’s own thorns, every way with it’s own stepping stones. So many questions and here I stand, trying to find some answers. But are there any answers? And even if there are, are those answers right? Are there any right answers at all? All I end up with every time are the questions. The more I try to look for the answers, the more questions arise. on this game of questions and answers, I still stand, changing but still the same, looking for answers in the light of innumerable holes of light, each leading to it’s own source, it’s own way. Nevertheless, whatever happens, whatever changes, I remain the same, sustaining all changes, I am I.

– Khushi Vijayvergiya


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