I (?)

The clock goes tick tock tick tock
Trying to master it?
And, it will rush past
Striving to clinch it in your fist
And it slips so fast
The turn goes blame sham blame sham
Extremist shamming moderates
Minority blaming the government plan
Isn’t it just turn of events, hinges of cults
The graph goes high-low to low-high
Happiness reaches the top nib
And, suffering the lowest tip
Longing for the highest point
Didn’t Buddha say “pain is the only permanence”
Aren’t we bound with contradictions?
Aiming to overpower our limitations
Don’t we belittle our counterpart?
Grabbing the joy it brings to your heart
The god of small things
That is where we are struck, isn’t it aching?
Never thought I would witness a night like this
Beneath the tree swinging with the wind
Knowing and discovering myself
Thinking of the world in which I want to dwell
Leaving inhibitions ashore
I saw my reflection once more
This time I discovered myself
I am the one who will take the road less travelled
I am the one who will make the world dwell with me
I am the one who will define what it means for a woman to be free
Ahead lies the juncture of roads
But do I still know where I want to go?

– Sabhyata Vedant


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