Discernment of a Being

Humans are recognizable irrational beings. The majority instantaneously accepts that they are, but there are some who undeniably prefer to find consolation in ideas which they believe could potentially fluctuate their unconscious craze through the help of their innermost intellectual capacity. The latter could not accept that we are irrational and disoriented, but in some cases we have to. Flawed is flawed.

We have to balance the imbalance at some point of time. Imperfections must be embraced and treated as our own, because that’s what we are and sometimes this is what we have, the imperfect side of us. No matter how we strive for perfection, there are cases where we have to lower our flags to half mast in order to pay respect to oneself and to others. To share grievance and sorrow, jubilance and sheer comfort, solace and fortress. And again, this is what we are and what we have, our flaws. Either it unites us or break us, either we choose frail over might.

But as I have said, I’d rather choose weakness to earnestly improve my might and the might I craft shall eradicate my weakness. But I must say, this is a never ending cycle, just like how you breathe, how I breathe, how we humans breathe. We breathe imperfection. We speak imperfection. We live imperfection.

  • Eden Roc B. Ramos

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