Word Interpretation: Winning Entry

As part of the Philosophy Day Celebration, a competition was held by the Department of Philosophy. There were two categories under which students could participate, Word-Interpretation and Picture-Anaylsis. For Word-Interpretation we gave the word ‘Duende’which refers to the mysterious power that a work of art has to deeply move a person. The winning entry for this category was submitted by Divas Kindra, Ist Year, Philosophy.



Flowers claw their way through my chest
Planting their feet in my ribcage and weaving a story as they surface with my breaths.
A word, four syllables, one glance- 
Stir the seeds planted eons ago
(A fertile ground for thought)
With laughter to nourish my roots.

The longest lines I have penned in a century
Drawn in haphazard awe and in unfortunate replications of your mind-
They do justice to nobody
If they aren’t written by you. 

You restore vision to unseeing eyes;
I see the trains as dragons with heaving chests
Spewing fickle fiends instead of fire, 
Unable to stomach the hypocrisy of their meal-
Impatient, tasteless morsels of mankind
That fight their way into the beast’s belly,
Hungry to be eaten.
Courtesy comes with a shelf life.

Swallowed by a jostling crowd
Your silver words resuscitate me.
Finally, I find my feet on shifting sands and hold my own against inertia.
Velocity and direction are unchanging variants 
In the eloquence of our equation.
Inertia isn’t always a sour symptom, you see
For when you write, it gives me the will 
To go on.

– Divas Kindra


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