Vignettes: Winning Entries

As part of Aletheia, the Annual Academic Fest of the Department of Philosophy, Vignettes, an online photography competition was organised. The theme given to the participants was “Can Beliefs Be Questioned?”, which was open to interpretation. The selected entries were then displayed at the fest and judged by Mr Nimit Nigam, a Delhi-based travel photographer. The winning entry was submitted by Mansheetal Singh, III Year, Khalsa College.


The Divine Reincarnation

“If Lord Krishna were to reincarnate as exactly himself in today’s urban setting, how much would he be cared for? A gaze? Or max to max a selfie with him?
Nobody has got time in the rat race of the cities. His legends in Mahabharta would only appeal as stories to people of today.”


. . .

The runner up entry was submitted by Eden Roc B. Ramos, I Year, Lady Shri Ram College.

Marbled Stillness

“Her delicate body is curled, her faint hand resting on the marble, abiding by the practice she covered herself to pay respect. One may sense that her vision is enclosed in some way or the other, focused on what has been known and handed over, where she’s trapped invisibly, blinded by the course of time having the sincere intent to attain the guarantee of grace and mercy from the unprecedented entity. Her thoughts might be at liberty, but her external entity is limping, her foot is fastened, besmirched by the sweep of unwanted colors. One may utter that she has the volition to question her current state, but does she, herself, desires to be freed? Would it be possible to move without detaching the shackles?”



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